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Decor Chaleur is a top tier news blog bringing the cutting edge information in the Heating Fireplaces and Stoves business. Are you looking for ways to add wonderful fireplaces or stoves with big lifespans in your home or business? You’ve come to the right place, Decor Chaleur is a convenient location for all things Home and Garden related as well as all things business related.

About the Author James Chu

Hey, there! My name is James Chu and I’m a master of everything Heating and Electrical. Ever since I was a young child watching my dad leave for the factory everyday as a licensed electrician and heating professional, I’ve been an avid knowledge seeker to follow in his steps. I grew up in Hong Kong, when I was 18 I migrated to the United States with dreams of starting my own business. I have gathered priceless information in my 40 years of doing heating professionally, dealing with millions of units and seeing every scenario you could imagine. Over the past decades I have gathered lots of tips and gold nuggets on the topic of fireplaces and stoves and would love to provide that for you guys. On this blog you are going to see which models I like to recommenced, what brands I like, and I’ll toss in a personal chapter to show you strategies to use in the in your home or business. I chose the Decor Chaleur for our blog as it is a resemblance of everything heating and fireplaces and truly holds a valuable place in my heart. I hope you enjoy everything we provide here on Decor Chaleur and have a great day.